Sunday, 19 April 2009

Oval project part 8

I must admit there is not much activity here on the blog at the moment, but that´s because there is so much going on in the workshops!
We have just worked 2 days on Jens´ oval, and it´s really beginning to take shape, both doors are on and fully mounted with glass and trim, front and rear lids are on, and motor is back in and have been started up.
It´s really stating to look like a car again, and that´s good because as you properly know is Hessisch Oldendorf just around the corner.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Oval project part 7

The 54 is now beginning to look like a car again.
The sunroof and headliner is done, and all windows including the pop out are back in.
The next job is the doors and we will properly start working on them this coming week.
Here is just a qiuck picture taken just outside the garage.

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Monday, 6 April 2009

Swapmeet find

The last couple saturdays I´ve been to swapmeets, not expecting to find much, as the one swapmeet is mostly old motorcycle parts, but as you properly will know you can´t simply not resist the urge to drive by, because what IF there should be that occantionnelly Hebm├╝ller decklid lying in a pile of junk.
It didn´t though! But I did find a nos Fram filter in box, a nos Motometer coulumn mount gauge holder for 40mm gauges and a complete barndoor speedo pod dated 7/54.
And at the last one this saturday I found left side hooded Albert mirror head, in good shape.
So I guess it can be worthwile to get out of bed a 6am on a saturday morning :-)