Wednesday, 30 December 2009

NOS time

I have run with my Hella foglight/bumberguard combo for 4-5 years and I´m real happy with them!
Only thing, when I got them they were in poor condition, heavily pitted.
The good/bad news is that they are made of alumunium, that ment that my chrome guy said he was´nt able to recrome them, but instead I polished them, which I have several times each year since.
But just before christmas I got a email from a friend in Sweden.
Who had found a nos set of Hella guards that he didn´t need, I jumped on the deal right away! And yesterday it was time to mount them to the oval.
I must admit it didn´t hurt that they were put on, it looks even better now! And the nuts on the bolts were still 14 how cool is that?!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry X Mas

Merry christmas, and a happy new year to all of you.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

High voltage...

Some of you might remember, I gave myself a set of Foxcraft fenderskirts as a birthday present last year. Now I have done it again.....
This time I gave myself a long wanted christmas present!
A 60mm Motometer amp gauge for my Motometer rally set. I had the clock in it for years, as a matter of fact the clock and the senders were things that were missing when I found the panel, but I was lucky enough to find a clock at VW Euro in the Netherlands back in 1999. But now it was time for a change.

I´ve wanted the amp gauge for a long time, but none of these seems to be offered for sale, and the guys who has them won't sell, but finally one guy gave in and agreed on selling me one (he had 2 of them, lucky bastard)
Funny thing is back in June at the OCTO show in California, I held this very same gauge in my hand and talked to the seller, but at that point it wasn´t for sale.
I think the amp gauge looks more cool in the panel, and it´s way more rare!
And another great thing is now I have an excuse to go look for a clock....... :-)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Back up your light

This summer I bought a rare Happich bumberguard, made so you could mount an extra light in it. It was in bad shape when I bought it! The seller said it was mounted on a 51 split that he found 20 years ago, sitting in a chicken farm for decades.
Well since I never had seen this one before I bought it anyway. And after some welding, and a trip to the chromer it was decent enougth to get on the oval, and since I all ready had the Hella bumberguard/foglights in the front I decided to put it on the back with my Hella back up light.
If you ask me, I think it turned out pretty cool.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Winter boredom

These winter months can be pretty long when all you dream of is hitting the road in the oval. So what else to do than get weird ideas on begalf of the oval?
Latest thing was that suddenly thought the Wegu/chevron mudflaps was much cooler than the vw logoéd ones I had on.
I found a nos set and put them on, but now I´m not so sure what to think of them.
Feel free to post your thoughts.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Radio madness

Last tuesday my friend Kurt and I went across the country ( not that it´s so long a distance)
Kurt was on the hunt for a radio for his 51 split.
We had an appointment with the seller, that he should look on a nice and complete Telefunken, but as we arrived it turned out that he had another split radio.
And Kurt simply couldn´t resist the urge to buy the also complete, and more desireable Becker Monza radio instead.
Congrats on your nic buy!

Monday, 30 November 2009

DKP cruise night

At our vacation to the states this past summer there were of course some vw´s involved! One of the highlights were just around the corner from Lenny Coops shop, where we attended the open house the friday before the Classic, - I´m referring to the famous DKP cruise night at Nick´s Burger´s.
I have never seen so many top class cars in such a little space!
The cars, the people and the atmosphere were just incredible!
If you ever get the chance, go there!
Here is just some of the pictures I took.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Express progress part???

Well since the oval is parked for the winther, and there is nothing but rain outside you could just aswell spend some time at the John Doe garage prepping up the oval for the next season.
I had small problems with express motor, every time I adjusted the valves some of them needed to be loosened a little. I took the motor out and the heads of for inspection, it looks like some of the valve seats are moving down in the heads, so now they are send of to a machine shop with 8 nos valves and valve guides, and then he puts in new seat also.
Further more it gets a set of total seal piston rings, and a solid rocker shaft kit from OMT in california. The rocker arms is modified to accept swiwel/elephant adjuster screws, that also meant that the pushrods needed to be 2mm shortened to get back to the original geometry. And by the way that is no easy task when lifter and pushrod is the same unit, as it is on these old 30hp motors, but again OMT did a good job.
Now I just have to wait for the heads, so it all can go back together.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Sechs Volt spy.....

This suspicious character was caught sneaking around in my neighborhood last saturday.
He looks a lot like Oval57 from the Norwegian Sechs Volt Garage, but what was he doing down here? And why does he look so happy? Could it have something do with the parts he is putting in the trunk of his car? It looks a lot like a Hazet Assistent tool trolley, this clearly needs to be investigated.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Turbo on the rings of beauty

I´ve been on the hunt for a set of 15 inch turbo beauty rings, since I fell in love with them while checking out Eric Jones´beautiful 56 vert at The Classic this year.
But these aren´t easy to come by! And it doesn´t make it any easier that each set includes 2 lefts and 2 rights, so that the pattern in the rings moves the same way on each side, clever huah? :-)
But would you believe my luck? In less than one week I was so lucky that I found 3 sets! And all of them with 2 lefts and 2 rights. And they were all priced fair. But after I got them all I found out that each set was a little different than the other, hmm so no spares if I should loose one.....
I have now mounted the set I liked the best on the oval (why is it winter so I can´t go cruising with them?) and sold one set to Jens.
And the last set I´m really not sure what to do with, I think they are cool, and one nice feature is that they are stamped with "made in germany and a vw logo" but I can´t run with 2 sets can I?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I recently made a deal were I got these 2 nos ribbed doors in trade for some work.
They are ment for the oval, when the time comes to redo it.

Nothing beats these nos parts, they are simply beatyfull!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Trying it on

Here is some pictures were I have mounted 2 of things from last week ends swap meet.
The Wirbulator and the fog light protectors.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Fredericia swapmeet

Yet another danish swapmeet was held this past week end.
Luise, Jens and I went from my house at 7.30am to be sure to hit it when the gates opened. Normally there isn´t much to be found on these swapmeets anymore, you just go anyway with the hope of finding the old Hebmüller decklid standing in a corner for 10euro........

Never the less I got myself some pretty good deals.
One original undented hub cap, a early round 30hp regulator and split 25hp D regulator, a 52mm Motometer steering mount gauge holder, 2 black 1 red all nos foglight protectors ( I´ve wanted something to protect my Hella foglights on the long trips for a while)
And what I consider the best buy of the day, a "Auerhahn" Wirbulator, that appears to be nos, even though it wasn´t in the box.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New options

It has have been awfull quiet here for while, but it doesn´t mean nothing have happend.
Some new options have been added to my oval.
First I found a radio that I've only seen twice before, It´s a 1953 Philips radio. I really like this plain look with only 2 buttons and the big scale with all the german cities written on it, and that the colour of scale house matches the original buttons on the dash, but enough of the radio oh did I forget to mention I even found another so that I now have two of them? :-)
Another thing that i found on thesamba one late night was the original Motometer fuel sender for rally package, I´ve been running a VDO unit for several years, and I know most people wont notice, but I know I will sleep better at night knowing that I now have all the correct senders on this set.
If anyone out there knows how to restore such a sender drop me a email, as this one unfurnatly no longer is precisely as it used to be.
The last thing I bought when we were in Norway at the SCC: some yellow 6volt bulbs for my headlights, it sure took the last breath of light out of my headlights, but I think it looks cool as F....

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cool ride

Hmm tough decision, which one would you choose?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Swapmeet Holbaek

Even tough the driving season has just ended, the swapmeet season has just started.
Sunday morning we were 4 guys heading for the other end of the country at 5am to go and see if there should be anything usefull between all the junk, and ideed there were!
I found a set of points for the 010, a split D regulator, 2 original jack mounts with almost none rust, 2 clip on Albert mirrors, and a set of Hüls seat recliners.
Jens found a NOS 80mm tach that will be put on his oval soon, and a NOS green runningboard rubber for the drivers side, so now he only needs to locate the right side.
Now we only have to wait another 2 weeks for the next swapmeet.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I´m still here......

Guess most of you regular readers of this blog must have giving up by now because of the lack of posts, but if there should be any of you left?! I´m still here I have just been busy with other things but now it´s time for some updates!

At first here is a couple of pictures of my own 54 and Jens´ 54 ovals that I took one of the summer nights this year.
By now both cars have driven for the last time this year, I guess they could need the break, as I have covered 8100km in mine this year, and Jens 5500km in his, so I guess you guys can see there is no trailer queens here!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

49.000 Hits

Hmm apparantly my counter have gone mad since it´s down to 12.000 hits again, but who cares :-)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

SCC 2009

The 14-16 august I was at the Norwegian show called SCC.
It´s pretty much a race inspired show, but our Sechs volt friends were organising a thing called vintage village, with lot´s of cool original cars.

We sailed from denmark friday morning and arrived in Oslo in the evening and only had to drive about 50km to the show grounds.
After setting up the tents we grabbed some beers and walked around, wow some serious race cars!
Saturday it was time to see some racing and they were fast! At noon there were a vintage cruise with the opportunity to see no less than 4 Schwimmers in the water at the same time, unfortunately it started raining at the same time and it contiued for the next 12 hours, so no more racing and no more vintage village for the day.
When our mood were at the lowest in saturday help was near. We were invited to join the party at a Norwegian club called Slackers Garage, and boy those boys know how to trow a good party!

Sunday the weather was good and people was exited to see some racing, and that we got alot of! And even more vintage cars turned up in the vintage village.
Only problem sunday was that I had a headache, but I´m quite sure it was from all that tire smoke from the racers warming the tires :-)
Thanks for a nice trip to all the danes on the ferry, and thanks to our Norwegian friends for a good show, I´m sure I will be back....

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spa 2009 hit n´ run

Last week end it was time for the big show in Belgium held on the famous F1 race track called Spa.
I didn´t have any plans going there this year (I´ve been there 3 times in the oval, the first time being in 1997, that was also the first show I ever took the oval to)
But 3 days before my girlfriends brother Niels called and asked if I wanted to go to Spa with him in his daily water cooled driver, I was on and so was my friend Jens.
We took of friday afternoon and hit Spa at 11pm, being a little lazy we grabbed a hotel room for the night.
Saturday morning we hit the show and swapmeet.
There were not many deals to be made, but I didn´t go empty handed.
At 4.30pm it was time for the big parade with all the aircooled cars driving around the track, someone mentioned that there were 2500 cars. And for us not being there in a "real" car Jens and I were lucky to get a ride in Dean from the UK´s early bay bus, and what a ride it was! Niels grabbed a ride in Gustavs type 34.
At 8pm we hit the road again, and I was home at 5am, a bit tired after an intence and action packed saturday.
Thanks for the trip guys, I´m ready again next year!