Saturday, 19 May 2012

VDO speed warner

I added a new accessory to the oval, a VDO speedwarner/geschwindigkeitswarner. This hooks up to the speedo cable, then you can set it at the decired speed and when you go faster than that it lights up red and buzzes. You really need this with a hot 30/36hp in the back right :-) The bracket is homemade then I only had drill one hole for the cable to go through.

They are still out there.....

The other day a danish vw entusiast found this 34/40hp Okrasa set. It had been lying at a old vw mechanic since the mid 60ies, how crazy is that?? This proves there is still great deals and rare parts out there, good luck hunting!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

1Mai treffen Hannover

Once again we headed for Hannover the 1Mai treffen. This year I was riding shotgun in Jens 54 ragtop, and it drove the 480km each way flawlessly! The show and swapmeet seemed bigger than ever, and also managed to find a couple of nice parts. Jens and our friend Jesper both won a TOP 15 award crongrats guys, it was well deserved!