Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Safety by RIFI

Why is it when you've just decided to take a brake from buying accessories some of the things you've wanted the longest turns up?
Well this week end I visited a guy who had been collecting vw´s and parts since the early 70ies, and there were some really nice parts there!

Among others I bought this nice set of Rifi locks for the vent windows.
The idea is to replace the push putton on the vent window handle with this lock.
Then you have to loosen the little screw to use the vent window handle.
I can´t wait to get these installed :-)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Knock it off..........

I just found these 2 knock off´s/spinners, ment to be mounted on the hubcaps on the 5 lug wheels.
I´ve never seen them before therefore I clearly had to own them.I know there is another full set of these here in Denmark, but none of us know story or the manufacturer of them so if anybody knows please let me know.
Now they need a polish and a hole in the hubcaps and then they are ready for some cruising.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Push the button

In the fall I bought a Blaupunkt shortwave adaptor on ebay, a couple of weeks later I found a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio with FM on a swapmeet, so I decided to take the Phillips out of the oval (eventhough I really liked the look of it) and put in the Blaupunkt´s to get some music in the oval again.
It turned out to be quite a challenge to get the short wave adaptor hooked up to radio, but with help from john from Australia (in2vws) and a local electronic enthusiast it was made possible.
Now it´s all mounted in the dash just waiting for a speaker or 2 on the bambus shelf.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

GHE day/night mirror

Just before christmas I a got an email from a good friend in the Netherlands.
He knew that I´m an addict for accessories, and he also knew that I was on the hunt for a GHE day/night rearview mirror since I couldn´t use my flip over screen for the original mirror anymore after putting in the mirror clock (It´s some big problems I know :-) )
So I was pretty happy that he had me in mind when he was lucky enough to find one of these and even offer me one of them, I guess I owe him a glass of Jack Daniels and coke at this years Budel.