Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008

Steamy window.

I recently got these, and never seen them before!
The idea is to put them on the inside of the ventwindows to get some sort of thermowindow effect, so that your ventwindows wont mist.
Unfortunately they are for post 1964 cars with the "big" windows, but I am not sure I would run these anyway, and I am certainly not convinced about their effect, so they stay NOS for some time.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Treassure hunt part 3

This is what we left behind.

The other evening a nice man called me to ask if I might be interested in some old vw parts?! Anybody dare to guess what I answered? :-)
The story was that his old man had run a little auto workshop in a very little town about 60km from here. But now his dad had passed away, and the old workshop was sold, so all the parts were going to be thrown out, but I was welcome to come and see if there was anything I could use.
The next day Jens and I drove down to see what he got.
There wasn´t any "gold" but I came home with this:
1 NOS type3 exhaust, 1 splitbus frontbumber, 1 60ies decklid, 2 oval right side taillight and 1 heart,20 sets of NOS Bosch points for various vw models, and alot of other small things, all in all some nice things that it would have been a shame to scrap!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

5000 Hits

Sleep tight

One of the downsides of an early oval or split for that matter is that you can´t adjust your frontseats. That isn´t always fun on the long trips, so I dreamed for several years of some Hüls seat recliners, but had at the same time some serious nightmares about cutting in the seat frames!
So luckily for me one day the solution came up!
A NOS set of KIP recliners to bolt on in the bottom on the frames, they aren´t adjustable when you are sitting in the seats, but nice to be able adjust the seats from time to time.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cool music

On the long drives in the oval to Spa in Belgium or in the old days the vw euro in Holland, I have often missed having some music (I drive 6volt, 12v aren´t for real men :-))
My friend Thomas came up with this brilliant idea!
Why not take a old vintage cooler (many of us have these anyway as t look cool in these old cars) and put a battery in it along with a litle amplifer and a battery, and then hook it up to a mp player or ipod.
So that is what we did, and it seems to be able to play 15-20hours before a recharging is neccesary.
It´s going to be cool cruising to Hannover in 1 week from now listening to some nice tunes, besides the obvious ones as the Judson/Abarth exhaust :-)

Re boost

There is an exprestion saying that "time flies, when you are having fun"
And boy it surely does!
It seems only yesterday that I found my Judson on a danish swapmeet, and spend a hole winter collecting parts and finding out how to restore such a beast.
But now 4 years and about 30.000km later, the Judson was in a need for a overhaul!
Meaning the the rotor slots were worn, and it needed new blades.
And up for that job was my friend, and fellow Johndoe member Ulrik.
While Ulrik was working late hours on the Judson I spent the winter months installing a fresh set of total seal piston rings in the engine.
And now I am ready for some summer cruising.
Thank you for your help Ulrik!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I wonder if?

If you go 4.50 minutes through in the video shown below, you will see two men that are making left side panels for early ovals.
It´s fun to think that it is properly the same two men that have made the NOS one I have.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Just another day at the factory.

I just found this cool movie on youtube, it´s nice seeing all those early oval´s and 30hp engines. I wouldn´t mind doing a little overtime if I was working there!
My biggest problem would be that my hidden cleptomaniac issues would surface, as I properly would try to get most of the factory with me home each night.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Monday, 14 April 2008

The heat is on!

Last year I found these very special and NOS heaterboxes.
I only had a left one of these for several years, but having found this set the single had to go.
I really don´t know what to do beside to look at them and thinking that they are cool!
Because who would dare to cut up your nice and rot free 30hp heaterboxes, and then take a NOS of these Steely Rapid heaterboxes and put them together for finding out if these really work, and infact are giving more heat, when you only drive your car at the summertime.
I would like to know if there are anybody out there that have tried how they work?!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

No draft in here.

Yet another accessory piece found on the hunting fields of the Bad Camberg swapmeet area is this original Aerorex sunroof visor.
Not much to tell about this piece besides it helps you from getting that cold neck when you are driving with ragtop open, and keeps your passengers from blowing out of the cabin :-)

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Feel the curb

I have sort of a love and hate relationsship with these curb feelers.
On one side they are accessories (which is good, we all now that there is no such thing as too many accessories :-) ) on the other hand they sometimes just look like some old welding wire hanging from your car.
I haven´t had these on my car the last couple of years but today I put them back on.
The funniest thing about them is all the comments from the "general" public that doesn´t know what they are for. The funniest one is properly this: "why do you have these 2 antennas on the side of your car? Is it one for AM and one FM???"

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Old Hella commercial

Old Hella commercial from the danish magazine in 1958

Treasure hunt 2

In my eager to show you guys the Fram filters the other day (is there realy no one that knows that kit made for vw?) I totally forgot to show you these A pillar protectors.
The elderly man who I bought the filters from, just found them in his office.
They aren´t exactly the prettiest version I´ve seen, but I think they are pretty cool.
And when we were ready to leave standing beside the 54, it turned out that he had owned a 53, also sporting a Judson. I have never before met anyone that has run a Judson back in the days. He said, he knew that rattle sound that most Judsons make, and that he had been working at a little garage, were they had mounted 3-4 Judsons in his time, how cool is that?

Monday, 7 April 2008

Treasure hunt

Yesterday my good friend Jens and I drove the oval to visit an elderly man who had contacted me saying that he had some old oil filters that I might be able to use.
He had several and different kinds of Fram filters among others the F3 model used on okrasa and other vintage speed engines.
But the one that was really cool was a Fram filter made specially for volkswagen NOS in box. I have never seen that version before, it mounts to the left rear inner wing with a bracket, and the oil is taken from the pressure outlet and returned to the engine beside distributor (it´s the same way as most F3 filters are connected also on my own Judson engine) The filter hasn´t got a changeable element inside like the F3, it´s the hole unit you change each time.
It says it fits from engine No 1-090762 what engine is that?
Anybody there has seen one these filter before?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Safety first

On this picture I only put the home made reflector in the left taillight just so that you can see the difference.

I have many times when travelling on the german autobahn at night feared for both the oval and my own life, as the taillights with 6v 5w bulbs aren´t exactly the easiest thing to see.
So I have been thinking about what to do, I came up with this home made reflector as the heart taillighs does not have that, and it really gave some more light, I haven´t tried them at night just yet but so far they look good.

Grab your light

Yet another long and hunted accessory of mine, is this grab handle with light.
Since I found out that they existed I wanted one!
So when I last year at the Bad Camberg meeting were talking to another dane, that mentioned that my grab handle was wrong, as it was for a split window, I said to him that it wouldn´t be changed before I found a grabhandle with light, big was my surprise when he told me, had one at home and I could buy it for a reasonable price.
Some months after Camberg he called me to say that he had found it and it appeared to be NOS!
So I was and still is a very happy man! And now it is mounted in the 54 :-)

2000 Hits

Friday, 4 April 2008

Tri power

As several people know I am not only a big accessory fan, but also vintage speed fan, and the last 3 months or so I have been following a really interesting thread on thesamba.com.
It´s about a 30ps engine with 3 carbs!!
It sits in Lupe Moya´s 57 cab located in Round Rock, Tx.
Here is Lupe´s own words about how this rare and cool kit works.
(That was one of the tricky issues that I had to deal with. These carbs are vacuum operated but the linkage and the main spring is what keeps them closed until the higher rpm's. The center carb is never closed during acceleration, it has a high air correction jet so the air fuel mixture leans out at higher rpm's and the extra fuel I need is then added by the Tillotsons. The Tillotsons don't open up completely either, it's very slight, they just add fuel and enough air to continue the acceleration. It's impossible not to be able to decelerate, once I let go of the pedal, the main spring (the stock VW one that is surrounded by the sleeve ) is what closes everything down)
Good luck with your tri power Lupe!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

First cruise of the year

Tonight Jens, Ulrik and I took our aircooled cars to the nearest Burger King for some food and this years first cruise.
Every year I forget just how much attention you get in these cars, people just cant stop staring at them, and surely not when Ulrik opens the throtle on those 48 IDA´s :-)
Thank´s for the cruise guys I am looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Shifting gear

Today the post had left me a nice package from the US.
Last week I made a nice deal swapping another accessory part, for this original accessory 10mm shift knob with embossed shift pattern.
These are quite rare and like many other things I wanted one for a long time, so when this opportunity came up I surely grabbed it!
I don´t know of anybody else here in Denmark that owns one, but without saying too much I know that there is a 7mm on it´s way to these shores :-)
Thank´s for the deal Thornton.

Strap it on part 2

Last week Jens got the filters painted gloss black, and a couple of months ago I bought 4 decals for the filters from Greg Armendariz in the USA to make them just perfect, so now it was time to put them on.
I think they are sweet standing there just like NOS.