Wednesday, 29 July 2009

SCC Here we come

In another 2 weeks time the oval will head north for the SCC show in Norway.
It´s my first time at a show in Norway, so I´m pretty excited but with the hospitality I met from the norwegian guys that were in Hessisch Oldendorf this can only be good!

47.000 Hits

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Express progress/changes

Well after putting 5000km to the Express motor I had some problems, sometimes blue smoke from it ( we properly all know that it means that it burns oil in the cylinders) but there was no real rhytm in it, so kept on driving until I felt a lack of power.I wasn´t sure if it was me or my paranoia taking over but I decided to pull the motor out for an inspection.
When I got the heads of I could see there was some oil over the piston on cylinder number 2, but there was no scrathces in the cylinder or broken rings on the piston.
I decided that the cylinders had done their duty for now, afterall they had also spend around 30.000km with a Judson breathing down their neck.
So i put a NOS set on that I had lying.
But now the motor was out it was time for some other changes. I´ve had some problems with starting when it was hot, and one day I meassured the carbs to be 58 celcius that explained the starting issues, all that heat meant that the carbs would overflod.
But the help was near! Kaj from the Sechs Volt garage in Norway and fellow Express owner send me some bakelit plates that only needed a little work to be perfect fit between the manifolds and carbs (the Express kits originally came with plates like these to prevent the heat from ricing to the carbs)
New problem came after they were mounted it had changed the hight of the carbs with 1cm, meaning I had to modify the linkage.
Further more I took my sump of to see if it ran to hot without it.
Now some 700km later it runs like a charm, and the oil haven´t been over 95 degrees celcius and at that point I was going 115km/t on the highway.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Accessory freak from back in the days

It´s nice to se that there are people that is alot more addicted to accesories than yourself. That way you can fool yourself thinking that you are a pretty normal guy after all :-)

Friday, 17 July 2009

West Coast Classics open house

I finaly managed to find some time to write a little about our trip to the states, the first vw inspired place was at Lenny coops open house at West Coast Classics.
It was really cool to see all these nice cars/people there, and have chat about this and that, and checking out some of their ongoing projects.
I also met my friends Kai from the Netherlands, Eric Jones from L.A. and Éd Falls, I was going to meet these guys alot the next 3 days.
Here´s just some of the pictures I took.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009

This past week end I was at the best show in the world! The famous Hessisch Oldendorf meeting. It was only my second time there, but since it´s only held every 4 years it´s not something you get to so often.
Wednesday evening 3 ovals and one lowlight ghia left Denmark heading for germany, we arrived the following morning with no problems at all besides the missing sleep.
At the afternoon we visited the Grundmann´s incredible collection of rare cars. Even though I had seen it before it still blew me away, and they had even more cars than the last time.
The swapmeet was bigger/more expensive than last time so not so many deals were done there, even though I managed to pick up a pretty cool radio and some other small parts.
Saturday evening there was dinner in the townhall, we were 32 nations sitting there sharing the same passion for these old cars, that was simply breathtaking!
Sunday it was time to try to see as much as possible of the cars and the swapmeet before returning home in the afternoon.
But just before that I was invited for a photo shoot of the oval by the french Super Vw Magazine and the japanese Let´s Play VWs. It was really cool, and I´m pretty exited to see the pictures in the magazines.
Here are just some examples of the nice cars attending this great show, oh did I forget to mention that there were a new world record? 27 Hebmüllers in a row......