Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Keeping the windshield clean part 2

I finally found the courage to open up the box, after all this was just too nice an accessory to be in a box put on my shelf.
I found a place for it on my dash, just to the left of the speedo. I know it was not here they intended it to be placed, but I think it looks fine here.
Now the next chapter will be to drill the 2 holes for getting it to work as it should.

Monday, 29 September 2008

What´s the time?

I found this Smiths mirror clock combo this summer, and have had it mounted in the oval since. It´s pretty cool with the clock and you can even turn on a light, so you will know, if you are running late on your way home at night.
After I found the mirror I found an old advert for it, in a danish car magazine from 1954, just what are the chances for that?
But now I have decided to part with it.
So if are you interested in buying it, send me an email.
You won´t find many of these at your local swapmeet!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Keeping the windshield clean

I noticed a difference in the accessories that attracts my attention.
In the beginning it was mostly crome items that would make the car more "bling bling" but these days I developed a habbit for something that lights up or lately wipers.... And now the time came to a windshield washer set.
This Helphos washer kit is truly a rare piece it has been shown in the Rarest of the rare in Hot vw´s magazine years back. But how about this one?
Nos still in a never opened box!
I think it´s cool as hell, but my two main problems are: First it fits to the characteristic oval speaker grill, and since I have the Motometer rally gauge set in my car, where should I put it? And secondly do I even dare to open the box?
I know this is a very serious problem, and most of you guys will agree to that :-) So I´ve made a poll to find out what you guys think, even though I can´t promise that I will follow it :-)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

20.000 Hits

Because of the 20.000 hits, this time you get 2 girls.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thinking ahead

Sometimes you have to be a little pessimistic, and think about the problems before they come into existence.
That is why I have spend a little money and time, to get a gearbox renovated without really needing it. But look at it this way. I have now driven over 110.000km´s in the oval, and who knows how many km's before I got it? And even though these old vw´s seem to last forever, we also have to be realistic and admit that everything will wear out eventually. So when I got the opportunity to get an old oval none sychro first gear gearbox practually for free I took it. I found an elder vw mechanic who is in his 60ies and seems like he has to much time on his hands, he agreed to disassemble and examine it for me. And with my good friend Simon, being able to get a good deal on some new bearings, things almost made them selfs without me doing nothing but paying my sources :-)
So now this is waiting to be installed some day, and it´s as good as new!

Another thing that just arrived with the post today, is a oil sump for the 30hp engine.
When running with the Judson in hot danish summer weather, I could sometimes struggle with the oil being too hot. So now having this sump, I will try mounting it on the express engine and see what that will do for my oil temperature.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Searching for the light

As you might remember I bought this nos Hella search/mirror light a while back. And now thanks to Eric Jones from the States I received the correct mounting arm for it the other day.
This light is not a vw only accessory, they were used on many vehicles, but also advertised for vw.
I couldn´t wait to get it on the car, so here is how it looks, pretty nice if I should say so myself
Only thing I'm not sure about is were to let the wire go into the car, but one thing is sure though, there will be a wire, because I can´t stand the idea of driving around with the lamp not working like it's surposed to!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Zwitter commercial

This past week I have been complaining to my girlfriend over the lack originality in the danish tv commercials, and now i´m sitting here finding commercials on the web, I guess it can´t be easy for her figuring me out huh? :-)
But take a look at this old commercial, from when the zwitter was introduced, is it not just beautiful? Only thing I can´t recognize is that they put 3 adult people in the backseat, and it even look like they are comfortable, hell I can´t even find room for my tent with only 2 people in the car, could it be to many accessories? No that can´t be it......

Preparation for Hessich Oldendorf

Last night I spent together with Jens and his oval.
We disassempled the whole car, the only thing left is the engine, but that won´t last there long.
There are big plans for this piece of almost untouched vw machinery, including a slight change of color and a 3 fold ragtop.
And according to plans it should all be finished so the car is ready to cruise to Hessich Oldendorf in June next year.
Stay tuned on this blog to follow the progress of yet another Bluehat car.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

One step further

Yesterday my good friend Allan helped me reassemple my engine to a short block. The crank was balanced, and I had got hold of a nos set of both main and rod bearings.
After the short block was finished, Allan and another John Doe member Ulrik helped me measuring out how much my heads needed to be machined of to get the desired compresion ratio.
Thanks for the help guys! I wouldn´t have figured all that math out myself.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Saturday, 6 September 2008

6 Volt friends

I just received an email with this cool picture from HÃ¥kon directly out of the norwegian 6volt garage.
These guys surely knows what old Volkswagens are all about!
No flaky paintjobs, big rims or stereos in their garages.
Remember to visit their blog (which can be found in my links). And while you are at it, you can visit their seperat blogs to follow their individual projects.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Br(e)aking point

Finally after almost a 6 months of bargaining, a deal was struck and I got these old Porsche Pre A brakes with me home.
These brakes are infact vw units, but are used on the very first 356 models.
The only thing different from ordinary vw brakes, is the aluminium ring on the outside of the drum for better cooling. And that they have 2 wheel cylinders per side, instead of only 1.
I expect they will give more braking power to the oval.
If anybody have tried this convertion before, or just have some good info, please email me

Monday, 1 September 2008

Vintage Weekend

This past weekend I attended no fewer than 3 different events for vintage cars, all located not far from my home. How lucky can one man get? :-)
Here is some pictures of some of the cool cars I saw.
What about that split screen fire ladder truck, on old danish licence plates.
Or that old Dodge truck for transporting cars, how cool would that look with 3 aircooled cars on it´s back?