Saturday, 31 May 2008

I did it!

I finally found the courage to recharge my drilling machine and drill the hole for the Dehne ashtray light! The hardest part was actually to measure it out so it was placed exactly in middle of the ashtray. It is not easy when all the corners are rounded.
But I found a way and now it sits there, and I must say I haven´t regretted putting it in the car, even though I don´t smoke, but on the other hand I will confess and say that it doesn´t make much light, it´s only a 6v 1,2w bulb, the same type as in the speedo, does anybody know if it´s possible to them in let´s say 2w? Please contact if you do.

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Friday, 30 May 2008

Break down

On the way home from work :-(

The head on the "new engine, how clean is that?

Once again I have to apologise for not posting, but my week started like this.
Up bright and early to get work, fired up the oval and got about 5km from home when a strange sound accured, it was hard to determine what it was, so I decided it had to be a hole in the exhaust.
When I arrived at work I definitely could hear, that this was no exhaust problem!
It was a strange knocking sound that followed the rpm´s......
So didn´t dare to drive it home. Lucky for me, Jens was able to borrow a truck and came and picked me and the oval up.
After some listening to the engine, I decided that it had to be a bad rod bearing, and with the sun shinning, there was no time to waste with tearing the engine apart!
So I took 1 of my industrial engines with less than 20 hours on it, stripped it down to a long block, and moved all the parts from the "bad" engine over to the "new" one, and already tuesday night it was mounted in the car and running.
I have now driven approximately 100km with it and it really sounds healhty and is running good!
Now I just have to assemble the other engine to find out if I am right.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Triple tripping

Here is my own.

Here is Jens in his 54.

Here is Pouls in his 58 vert.

For years I have been looking for a 120km trip speedo, i can´t count how many speedos that I have turned over at swapmeets just hoping for it to be there!
Then a couple of months ago I found one only 130km from my home i directly drove out and bought it, it dated 4/56 then a week later My friend Jens found one in the other end of the country dated 59, an yet 1 month later my friend Poul got one dated 58. I can´t believe that i´ve been looking for it so long when they just seem to be everywere.

Sunday, 25 May 2008


I just scored a batch of the danish version the well known magazine "Gute Fahrt" in danish called "Kør Godt"
These are really good reading, and nice to see all the period pictures of cars and accessories in them.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

356 Pulley

A couple of weeks ago I had some parts for sale on, and a guy showed interest for one of the pieces. After some emails forth and back it turned out he had some parts I needed so we simply swapped parts, a nice way to get some the stuff you want without getting your wallet up :-)
The result for me arrived with post today, this porche 356 style crank pulley, I think it looks really cool and will look so nice on my Express engine, which reminds me I better start working on that Express project again soon.
The reason I don´t use a original porche pulley is that they don´t have the groove towards the crank to keep the oil in, they use a sandseal, you can also convert your vw engine to this but this is easier since the engine won't be taken apart.
Thanks for the deal Al.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Meet the Albert´s

A well known accessory mirror is the Albert mirrors.
These things mounts to the front quarter panels in the first of your clip holes, which means that you will have to cut your trim a little to mount them.
I was lucky enough to find a NOS right one some years back and the a friend gave me the used left side that I got recromed to suit the right side properly.
Since then my good friend Jens bought himself a complete org set to, so now we both have 54´s with Albert´s.
Funny thing is that they aren´t exactly good to see in, and are a real nightmare to adjust! But looks really cool!

Monday, 19 May 2008

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Follow the light

One of my first post on this blog was about me dreaming about a super cool Dehne ashtray light, and now thanks to a nice german guy I have one!
Now comes the hard part, and that is finding the courage to drill the hole in my dash.
I still remember it took weeks me before I dared to cut it to fit my Motometer rallygauge set, making extra holes in my car is just not my thing.
A update will follow when I take the next step, hopefully this week........

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Warm Welcome

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I have been away on holidays with my girlfriend in Barcelona.
It was really nice with a holiday, but a whole week and I only saw one aircooled vw, and it was a doll one painted pink, yiaks!
When we were away my daily driver was parked at my good friend Christian (who lives near the airport) and when he came to pick us up today he came in his cool 64 ragtop, nice to see a REAL car again :-)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Suit the case

Almost all the years driving the oval I´ve had a toolbox behind the rearseat, with the most common tools, spare sparkplugs, points etc.
But last year a little problem came up, I bought a original suitcase set for the oval, unfortunately the suitcase set was bought for a 57 oval meaning that the one for the trunk wouldn´t fit as the 54 model gas tank is bigger than a 57 model, but the 3 for behind the rearseat fitted like a glove! Then came the next problem what about my toolbox? I came up with this, the big suitcase now contains to boxes with tools, one of the small ones I use for parts that I would sell at shows, and the other is for accessories that I can put on the car for display.
I really think that this a good use of the space, and I just love looking in the rearview mirror and seeing those suitcases.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

It´s a rainy day Vol 2

Last year I got this hand operated wiper for the door windows.
You simply roll your window down put the wiper over the glass, and rools it up again, now you will be able to see to the sides also, or maybe just a good way to keep your passenger occupied on a long trip :-)

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mirror mirror

I guess not many people know these little mirrors, and they aren´t exactly a vw only accessory.
They mount in both upper corners to the left and the right of your windshield
The idea is that you can see if your semaphore is out or not, without turning your head.

Friday, 2 May 2008

1 Mai treffen Hannover

The Polizei was strict at Mel´s Diner, but lucky for me they didn´t notice the sign just over my car.

I spotted this rare cabin divider on the swapmeet, but it was out of my price range! :-(

Wednesday morning jens and I drove with 12 other cars to the 1.Mai treffen in hannover. I had some self made problems so didn´t catch the others until in the beginning of germany, where we unfortunately had to leave a 66 ghia behind because of a bad valve.
We hit Mel´s Diner at 5 in the afternoon, to take part of the famous cruise night, but there weren´t much cruising as the german polizei had blocked the road of!
The next day at the show, the swapmeet was bigger than ever, and the show 'n shine had lots and lots of beautiful cars!
At the Prize giving 6 danish cars was awarded, and I was lucky enough to be one of them, congratulations to all the other winners!
And in the end we had a real nice cruise the 450km home, 5 danish cars driving together, 3 of them were winners.