Monday, 23 February 2009

Foxcrafts fitted

The other day Jens called to say that he had finished my original rear fenders and my Foxcrafts, and they were now ready for me to mount on the car.
I must say I didn´t hesitate picking them up, and getting them on the car.
After some hours work I got the oval down from the jack stands, and for the first time I could really have a look at how well the skirts suited the car!
I must say the fit of the skirt against the fender is perfect! And Jens have made a top notch job painting both the skirts and fenders, thank you!

So yesterday I took the oval out for this years first wash, and I snapped a couple of pictures too. Now we only need the salt to get of the roads, and the spring to come to Denmark.


6V Outlavws said...

Nice Peter! But is it not SNOW in Denmark? Here in Norway it is close to 1 meter.

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Okay that we haven´t had in Denmark in many years.
If we get more than 5 centimeter of snow it seems like everybody loose their driving skills.

Gustav said...

Cool as fuck!