Saturday, 5 September 2009

SCC 2009

The 14-16 august I was at the Norwegian show called SCC.
It´s pretty much a race inspired show, but our Sechs volt friends were organising a thing called vintage village, with lot´s of cool original cars.

We sailed from denmark friday morning and arrived in Oslo in the evening and only had to drive about 50km to the show grounds.
After setting up the tents we grabbed some beers and walked around, wow some serious race cars!
Saturday it was time to see some racing and they were fast! At noon there were a vintage cruise with the opportunity to see no less than 4 Schwimmers in the water at the same time, unfortunately it started raining at the same time and it contiued for the next 12 hours, so no more racing and no more vintage village for the day.
When our mood were at the lowest in saturday help was near. We were invited to join the party at a Norwegian club called Slackers Garage, and boy those boys know how to trow a good party!

Sunday the weather was good and people was exited to see some racing, and that we got alot of! And even more vintage cars turned up in the vintage village.
Only problem sunday was that I had a headache, but I´m quite sure it was from all that tire smoke from the racers warming the tires :-)
Thanks for a nice trip to all the danes on the ferry, and thanks to our Norwegian friends for a good show, I´m sure I will be back....

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