Saturday, 22 May 2010

Afraid of the dark?

Are you afraid of the dark?
This might be the answer, 2 sets of the rare Hella bumberguard foglight combo.
Okay I admit it, I have to much sparetime this week end :-)
But I think it looks better than I expected it to do, but I better put one of the sets back on the self.


Jonas "Mohawk" Fransson said...

No that did not look so good. It's better if you sell one set to me :D


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Alot of people is saying the same as you Jonas, they all say that I should sell them a set :-)
Are you going to any danish shows this year?

Francisco said...

An exelente oval, And whay hapen whit the the type-magazine?

Francisco from México

Jonas "Mohawk" Fransson said...

Hello Peter,
We will come over to Summer meet I guess but we are not 100% yet.
Are there any other bigger meetings in Denmark or anny meeting around Copenhagen?

If you take the Foglight holder with you to Summer meet will I also come with a stack of money :D


Gaetano Mifsud said...

I love it! Never seen this setup before!! :)