Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Safety by RIFI

Why is it when you've just decided to take a brake from buying accessories some of the things you've wanted the longest turns up?
Well this week end I visited a guy who had been collecting vw´s and parts since the early 70ies, and there were some really nice parts there!

Among others I bought this nice set of Rifi locks for the vent windows.
The idea is to replace the push putton on the vent window handle with this lock.
Then you have to loosen the little screw to use the vent window handle.
I can´t wait to get these installed :-)


Jonas "Mohawk" Fransson said...

That was some cool stuff.
I remember that my grandfather had alot of this laying in a cupboard in his garage. Why I don't know, but I remember that I alway screw the hat in and out on one package that was open. Today is the farm with the garage sold and this parts and alot of other stuff are long gone :(
I think I must bin around 10-13 years old at that time.

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Nice story :-)
A shame that they are gone now!

I remember my father told me has thrown 10 Hazet out in the garbage when he was a vw mechanic in the 60ies :-)