Thursday, 5 May 2011

1Mai käfertreffen Hannover 2011

Once again it was timw to hit the german autobahn to get to Hannover.
But this year was diffrent as I didn´t bring the oval, instead I was riding shotgun in my friend Thomas 61 vert. And what a ride it was!
The show and swapmeet seemed even bigger and better than ever!
I did find a few parts on the swapmeet, but one of the highlights was I got a ride in Andi´s ( 1950 Hebmüller.


Anonymous said...

Hvad er historien om den fien 47 bobbel. Den ser ud til at være i fantastisk stand ?


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Hej Tonny
Det ved jeg desværre ikke.
Men som du selv siger så ser den fin ud.