Saturday, 10 December 2011

Webasto winddeflector

I recently found one of these Webasto winddeflectors. I had the Aeroflex one allready but I thought this was more cool, and it´s always in the car unlike the Aeroflex that you have to have inside the car when it´s not in use, or lying in the garage.
Biggest issue with the Webasto was drilling the holes in the roof, hey I did it.

If you look in the pictures you might noticed that I also added a Hella fan. This one was found with a homemade bracket so it mounts behind the rearview mirror, I guess some clever guy made it back in the days as he wasn´t happy with the suction cup mount.


ritchie said...

I'm french and I want to make a fake of your winddeflector.
Can you send me some pics of the hinges and the fixing on the car ?
Eric (ragtop 57)

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Yes send me a email then I will get some pic´s for you.

Bushwacker said...

one of the coolest wind deflector. and I'm glad that your still doing great with your project. keep it up!

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