Sunday, 23 March 2008

Abarth exhaust

A couple of old commercials.

Here is one on Jens oval.

Here is my own.
The original Abarth exhausts are rare and far between!
So when I for some years ago put a Judson on the 54 I wanted one! But when I rarely saw one offered for sale they were way over my budget, and many times they were NOS and it would almost be a shame to put them in to use.
But I guess this is almost the only way they survive from the rust.
So I decided to make my own copy from a original exhaust.
I realise that it is not build up inside with the same baffles and stuff like a real Abarth, but it gives a nice look and especially sound I think.

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snale/bbr said...

Hey Peter!

Perfect new blog for my opinion!

Will post a link also in the next days for sure!

Oldspeed rules!!!!!