Thursday, 27 March 2008

it´s a rainy day.

A old commercial from 1958 showing the wipers, it´s taken from the danish
vw magazine "Kør godt" it is danish version of the german "Gute Fahrt"

As you might know I am a big fan of accessories!
So when I had a chance to get these "full Screen wipers" I surely jumped on the deal.
I have only seen 2 other sets, but surely there must be others out there!
I mostly prefer cruising in the sun with the ragtop open, but somehow I am also looking forward to seeing these wipers in action!
Thank you John for letting me have these :-)

1 comment:

snale/bbr said...

At first Peter.... you drive a smal front-window Oval-bug... you don´t need to have theese wiper arms!
Why don´t sell them to me... ;-) ?

Seccond, for sure I try to be in Hannover at first of may!
It depends a little bit on my family because I move in a bigger appartment at the end of april....

If I will be there, you will find me around my mates split...