Tuesday, 8 July 2008

100.000 KM

When the diggits flipped over on the german autobahn last year.

Most people know the 100.000km badges there were given when you surprisingly enough had covered 100.000km in your Volkswagen.
You could also get a wrist watch and gold pin.
I have never been so interested in these badges, beside thinking they were a nice touch on a car whenever I saw them. But last year that changed!
On the way to the Bad Camberg meeting I hit the 100.000km in the oval, and that is only in the time while I have owned it, I have no idea what so ever it has driven in total. So I kind of thought that the car deserved a couple of badges.
There are several styles and forms of these badges, and if you are looking for some be aware -there many fakes out there! I suggest you log on to thesamba.com there are several topics about them there.
By the way I have now driven 107.000km in it :-)

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