Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Plug your spark

Well after removing the Judson from the engine compartment, it seemed like it had grown to twice it´s size and looked quite empty. I looked in some of my stash if there wasn´t something to put in there, and found a spark plug holder that I almost forgot I had. If I remember correctly I bought it at the last VW Euro in Holland back in 2004, that was a great meeting wasn´t? Oh back on track I also found some old spark plugs to put in it, so tonight I got it all mounted on my firewall.

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Winther said...

Looks nice, great to get it in after 4 year on the shelf. I remember when you bought it back then, and it was at VW Euro on the swap meet. Nice show and great swap meet back then. It's a bit strange I can remember that, I don't even know what I did two days ago.