Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Picking up parts

On Jens and my recent trip - the Bug´s Funny meeting - we started off from home with a hidden agenda: we were out to pick up parts in the other end of the country that we not usually visit.
And we both came home very happy, the score was: 1 30hp flywheel that have been lighted and balanced for the Express engine, 1 rear left side original pre 1960 fender, it´s completely rot free the only little problem was some dents near the runningboard, but I have already taken care of that, and a set of almost rot free 1954 doors with everything on them, glass, handles etc, and a NOS Hella spotlight mirror for mounting on the hinge pin on the door. Jens came home with a right side pre 64 pop out window.
Even though we came home with all these parts, it turned out that we now need parts that we didn´t need before. I need 1 orginal right rear side pre 1960 fender maybe even only the front half of one, I also need the mounting arm for my Hella spotlight.
And Jens needs a left side pre 1964 pop out, do you have any of these parts then feel free to email me.

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