Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thinking ahead

Sometimes you have to be a little pessimistic, and think about the problems before they come into existence.
That is why I have spend a little money and time, to get a gearbox renovated without really needing it. But look at it this way. I have now driven over 110.000km´s in the oval, and who knows how many km's before I got it? And even though these old vw´s seem to last forever, we also have to be realistic and admit that everything will wear out eventually. So when I got the opportunity to get an old oval none sychro first gear gearbox practually for free I took it. I found an elder vw mechanic who is in his 60ies and seems like he has to much time on his hands, he agreed to disassemble and examine it for me. And with my good friend Simon, being able to get a good deal on some new bearings, things almost made them selfs without me doing nothing but paying my sources :-)
So now this is waiting to be installed some day, and it´s as good as new!

Another thing that just arrived with the post today, is a oil sump for the 30hp engine.
When running with the Judson in hot danish summer weather, I could sometimes struggle with the oil being too hot. So now having this sump, I will try mounting it on the express engine and see what that will do for my oil temperature.

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