Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Keeping the windshield clean

I noticed a difference in the accessories that attracts my attention.
In the beginning it was mostly crome items that would make the car more "bling bling" but these days I developed a habbit for something that lights up or lately wipers.... And now the time came to a windshield washer set.
This Helphos washer kit is truly a rare piece it has been shown in the Rarest of the rare in Hot vw´s magazine years back. But how about this one?
Nos still in a never opened box!
I think it´s cool as hell, but my two main problems are: First it fits to the characteristic oval speaker grill, and since I have the Motometer rally gauge set in my car, where should I put it? And secondly do I even dare to open the box?
I know this is a very serious problem, and most of you guys will agree to that :-) So I´ve made a poll to find out what you guys think, even though I can´t promise that I will follow it :-)

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