Saturday, 13 December 2008

Express progress part 2

As you can see by the missing blog updates,it is not behind the computer I spend most of my time. No I am working pretty intence on the Express engine these days. The other day I got the carb´s acceleration pumps adjusted. Since there normaly is only one of these carb´s, you would literally drown your engine in petrol, if not adjusting them to the correct 0,25-0,30cm3 pr squirt.
The only set back is that the guy that should redo my dynamo, got fired after having it stored for 2 months, so friday I handed it over to what appears to be a more serious guy. I should get it back this upcoming week, so now we are ready for some serious chrismas wrenching :-)


Winther said...

looks great my friend, can wait to see it live, and soon hear it running.

Gustav_t said...

You are still the nerd we´ve grown to know and love. Never thought engine statistics would be your thing though.

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Neither did I, but I must admit that this engine building thing is really fun.