Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fitting the skirts

When I bought the Foxcraft´s I didn´t know when they were going to be put on the car. I figured they would look nice in my little office in my house. And afterall I didn´t have useable a right side dimpled rear fender.
But sometimes things change, after much pressure from Jens telling me almost everyday, that those skirts should go on the car before Hessisch Oldendorf, I decided to do something about it!
After looking high and low here in Denmark without any luck. I stumpled over an advert on thesamba, showing just such a fender, but with a major non repairable dent from the middle and backwards. After some emails back and forth with the owner, we agreed that I bought the front half of it.
On the pictures you can see how I used a nos rear quarterpannel as template, so that I was sure things lined up perfectly with my old fender and the new front half, and not at least the Foxcraft skirt.

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