Sunday, 18 January 2009

Accessory time

First of all sorry for the missing updates lately, but the new year started with me being sick for a week, and after that I really need some whrenching time.
The only good thing about beeing sick is that you have a lot of spare time to surf the web, and that is just how I was lucky enough to find this NOS set of GHE raindeflectors.
I´ve wanted a pair of these for some time and suddently they were there.
And as soon as I got better I headed for the John Doe garage to get them mounted on the car

2 comments: said...

Lucky score on the rain deflectors. Good for you!!!
If you see any more for sale or have an extra set of those vent shades for the door window, let me know please.


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Hello Tim
There is a set of raindeflectors on thesamba right now but they are priced pretty high.