Saturday, 24 January 2009

Express progress part 3

Well I finally came around to get the express engine stuffed in the back of the oval. That ment the fram filter and the carbs needed to come of, otherwise there were no chance i would get it in there!
But with the help of Jens the job went pretty straight forward, so now it sits where it belongs.
The eagleeyed reader will notice some differences on the engine. First of all the fram filter is now painted silver, I think it suits the engine better, but further more I have mounted a Porsche 356 oil filler/breather, my theory is that it will work as some sort of breather box, and as a bonus it gives a nice look to the engine.
Now I only need to decide if i´m going to run the stock 54-55 oil bath aircleaners, or with the stacks, tough call huah?
As a side note I can tell that I have booked a time for dyno in the end of march, so that everything can get adjusted properly.


snale/bbr said...

My two cents for the stacks!


Thomas, Oldspeed-Register

Anonymous said...

Look's absolutely mint!! Looking forward to the dynoday.

6V Outlavws said...

This looks totally wrong! You have to take it out again, put it in a solid wooden box, and ship it to Norway =)I know at least a couple of cars who would look great with this engine. Love the sound of it as well. Good luck with the dyno test =)

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Haha I will consider that, but what will you send me in return?

Gustav_t said...

Clearly the oilbath-cleaners. The stacks looks way to outlaw for your car. If you go with the stacks you will wake up one morning with a narrow beam!