Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spa 2009 hit n´ run

Last week end it was time for the big show in Belgium held on the famous F1 race track called Spa.
I didn´t have any plans going there this year (I´ve been there 3 times in the oval, the first time being in 1997, that was also the first show I ever took the oval to)
But 3 days before my girlfriends brother Niels called and asked if I wanted to go to Spa with him in his daily water cooled driver, I was on and so was my friend Jens.
We took of friday afternoon and hit Spa at 11pm, being a little lazy we grabbed a hotel room for the night.
Saturday morning we hit the show and swapmeet.
There were not many deals to be made, but I didn´t go empty handed.
At 4.30pm it was time for the big parade with all the aircooled cars driving around the track, someone mentioned that there were 2500 cars. And for us not being there in a "real" car Jens and I were lucky to get a ride in Dean from the UK´s early bay bus, and what a ride it was! Niels grabbed a ride in Gustavs type 34.
At 8pm we hit the road again, and I was home at 5am, a bit tired after an intence and action packed saturday.
Thanks for the trip guys, I´m ready again next year!

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