Wednesday, 29 July 2009

SCC Here we come

In another 2 weeks time the oval will head north for the SCC show in Norway.
It´s my first time at a show in Norway, so I´m pretty excited but with the hospitality I met from the norwegian guys that were in Hessisch Oldendorf this can only be good!


Anonymous said...

I think you should be in the best hands arriving at SCC. The only thing we don't control is the weather. But after a whole month of only rain (I know you had some in Denmark as well, because I've been there), we hope for the last breath of summer at SCC. Do NOT hessitate to contact any of the Sechs Volt regarding SCC or practical information, as we more or less RULE the Vintage Village ;-) We can always bend some rules for our foreign guests, but we never bend over...

Welcome to Norway!!


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Hahaha sounds good!
One week left and we are ready for take of!