Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New options

It has have been awfull quiet here for while, but it doesn´t mean nothing have happend.
Some new options have been added to my oval.
First I found a radio that I've only seen twice before, It´s a 1953 Philips radio. I really like this plain look with only 2 buttons and the big scale with all the german cities written on it, and that the colour of scale house matches the original buttons on the dash, but enough of the radio oh did I forget to mention I even found another so that I now have two of them? :-)
Another thing that i found on thesamba one late night was the original Motometer fuel sender for rally package, I´ve been running a VDO unit for several years, and I know most people wont notice, but I know I will sleep better at night knowing that I now have all the correct senders on this set.
If anyone out there knows how to restore such a sender drop me a email, as this one unfurnatly no longer is precisely as it used to be.
The last thing I bought when we were in Norway at the SCC: some yellow 6volt bulbs for my headlights, it sure took the last breath of light out of my headlights, but I think it looks cool as F....


Anonymous said...

You could always convert to 12v....... ;-)

Anonymous said...


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

I don´t understand what you are saying!!
12volt? Is that when 2 6volt cars is parked next to eachother? :-)