Thursday, 19 November 2009

Express progress part???

Well since the oval is parked for the winther, and there is nothing but rain outside you could just aswell spend some time at the John Doe garage prepping up the oval for the next season.
I had small problems with express motor, every time I adjusted the valves some of them needed to be loosened a little. I took the motor out and the heads of for inspection, it looks like some of the valve seats are moving down in the heads, so now they are send of to a machine shop with 8 nos valves and valve guides, and then he puts in new seat also.
Further more it gets a set of total seal piston rings, and a solid rocker shaft kit from OMT in california. The rocker arms is modified to accept swiwel/elephant adjuster screws, that also meant that the pushrods needed to be 2mm shortened to get back to the original geometry. And by the way that is no easy task when lifter and pushrod is the same unit, as it is on these old 30hp motors, but again OMT did a good job.
Now I just have to wait for the heads, so it all can go back together.

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