Saturday, 1 November 2008

Birthday gifts

Yesterday it was my 30th birthday (altough I still claim that there must be an error in my birth certificate)
But such a day needs celebrating, and last saturday I had some of my friends over for some food and beers. At some point during the evening I realised that out the 14 people in the room, only 2 of them wasn´t into old vw´s, do I start to see a pattern here?
But back to the topic, some of them had joined together in a gift to me, where this cool picnic set with thermo´s was included. I think it is going to be cool in the oval this next season.
And yesterday my girlfriend really surprised me! She had bought a NOS set of hooded Albert mirror heads for me.... Offcourse I had to get them mounted to my original arms today just to see how cool it looked.
What do you think? Great friends and girlfriend or what?


snale/bbr said...

Congrats Peter!

All the best from oldspeed-register!!!

Gustav_t said...

Luise is a keeper!
So is most of your friends..
I love those mirrors
Huge H....-effect.

Winther said...

The hooded Alberts they are just super cool, they look great on the accessory oval. Some great gifts you got there my friend.

Izabella said...
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