Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Treassure hunt part 3

The other day I spotted an advert on the internet "garage clear out" was the title.
After looking through the pictures I decided that the parts needed further inspection.
So Jens and I jumped in his car and drove the 100km to the guys garage, and it was clearly worth the trip! Here is what we got: 1 set of 5 lug sprintstars 5*5 1/2"
1 split gas tank, a oval decklid in perfect shape, and last how about a 4 bolt oval front hood with the small reinforcements for free! -As the seller said it had a little rust so I could get it for free.
To say that we were happy all the way home, would be a understatement!


6V Outlavws said...

If it wasn't complete impossible to sell a house these days, I would consider moving to Denmark from Norway instantly =) It seems like you got all the good parts laying around. We on the other hand just have these boring splits and barndoors laying around in the woods... "It's time for change"
PS!Good hunt guys! *Knechten*

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Haha. I would consider trading some the parts one of them oh so commen splits you guys have up there :-)