Saturday, 28 March 2009

On the dyno

Finally did the day I had waited for arrive.
It was time to take the oval some 100km up north, to have it dynoed and adjusted properly. I must say it went without any problems at all. The first that was done was a little adjusting on the linkage, and after a couple of runs he said that it ran a little lean when going cruising speed at half thottle, so some smaller main air jets were put in the carbs. That meant it lost a little tourqe, but with moving the ignition timing with less than 3 degrees it was back. And after that he ran it a couple of times more and decided that it couldn´t get any better if the engine also should remain reliable.
The engine now has 43hp at 3600rpm and 90nm at 2900rpm.
So when I drove home, I really was one happy boy!
Now we only need the spring to come around so I can get some kilometers on the engine, see you out there........


Anonymous said...

Well done! Congrats.

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

And thank you for the advice about who I should use for the dyno.
He without doubt one of the best!

6V Outlavws said...

Cool =) How does it perform compared to the Judson?

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

It performs in a very diffrent way.
The judson pulled strong from low rpm´s and then died a little, this engine pulls strong at almost all rpm´s.

Louis said...

wow, awesome, saw your motor on the samba..

was wondering where did you get your sparkplug wire?



Peter Plade Nielsen said...

That was bought on a danish swapmeet. I don´t know if you can get it anywere else.