Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Petri wheel

A well known and higly sought after accessory for the old volkswagens are the Petri Steering wheels, and horn rings.
All accessory fans dreams of one one these, myself included.
I have for some year been looking for a hornring for my batwing wheel, but these doesn´t pop up to often and when they do they are quite expensive.
But a year and a half ago one day I was just sitting at home not doing much, my good friend Jens called to say if I had seen that Petri wheel that was up for sale on a danish vw page, I thought this was just another repro flat 4 steering wheel, and I really didn´t wanted one of those! But I went online to check it out.
And big was my surprise when I saw the pictures, this was a original 2 spoke Petri wheel, and it even had full circle hornring, and in opinion the most desirable hornpush of them all the sundial button.
I called the guy and made him an offer that he accepted and 2 days later the wheel was mine, and it has been in the 54 ever since.
It has a little patina, but I like it that way, and I have no ententions to restore it as like this way.

In the pictures you see one of my friends 58 cab with Petri Rometch steeringwheel and Petri half circle hornring.
And another friends unrestored 53 oval with Petri batwing hornring.
And my own dash with the 2 spoke Petri with full circle hornring.
And please notice that all these steeringwheels and hornrings are original, there is no repro junk here :-)

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