Sunday, 3 May 2009

1 Mai treffen Hannover

Even though that I had stated that I wasn´t going to Hannover this year, I could feel the urge to go became bigger as the date came closer, and it turned out that Jens I drove of thuersday night at 1am heading for a 500km drive to Hannover.
We arrived a 7am and after a quick wash of the oval, we headed for the swapmeet.
It was big as always but there wasn´t many good deals to be made this year.
I looked at a cool Philips radio, but couldn´t decide to buy it or not, and later in the day the guy was gone, anybody seen that type of Philips radio before?
At 5pm we headed home again, this time cruising with some other danes.
We had a blast at the show, and a real nice cruise home!.
And further more the Express motor drove like a dream, going 13,5km pr liter.

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