Sunday, 10 May 2009

New accessories

The past couple of weeks I´ve added another couple of accessory parts on the 54.
First I got in touch with a guy in the danish vintage vw club who had some of the old blankets for putting on you seats for protection. I´ve wanted a set for years, and known that you could buy them reproduced in Sweden, but I never had come around to order a set, and as always it´s nicer to have original parts than the repro ones.
So I have just waited for a nice used set to come along, and speaking to the guy about the price I had to know what condition the blankets were in, when he said they were nos as he had bought around 100 sets in the late 60eis I just had to buy a set!
A few days later I was offered a pretty cool glovebox organizer. I have seen these for the new big glovebox but never for the oval, and this should be a original old part. I think both parts are pretty cool, and a nice addition to the oval since they are useable not only some bling.

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