Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Express progress

This past week end I finnaly got a print of the runs I had on the dyno back in march.
And if you study them carefully it appears that my motot has 45hp, that´s a 50% gain in horsepower, I´m even more satisfied with the motor now even though it´s just a number and it will run as it has done all the time.


Anonymous said...

That's some solid numbers. You have only changed the camshaft in this engine, not the crank? It's still below 1200 cc? How does it affect the tempereature on the engine? Sorry, I couldn't come up with more questions at the moment...

Knechten - Secs Volt

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Yes I have changed the cam for a Mr. Okrasa cam, and the cranck is the original only I got everything balanced! And it´s indeed below the 1200cc mark.
So far my oil haven´t been over 85 degrees but the summer hasn´t really set in yet so let´s see. I think the extra oil in sump really makes a difference, but I will maybe make a test and try to run it without the sump and see how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

What kind of solution did you use for the sump? Please share, because this is interresting information to several of the Secs Volt geeks =)It's not the Gmund replica sump?

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

I used the Berg one, I found a used on thesamba, allthough I think they have them in stock now.

Sorry for the late answer but I'm in the US a the moment.