Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009

This past week end I was at the best show in the world! The famous Hessisch Oldendorf meeting. It was only my second time there, but since it´s only held every 4 years it´s not something you get to so often.
Wednesday evening 3 ovals and one lowlight ghia left Denmark heading for germany, we arrived the following morning with no problems at all besides the missing sleep.
At the afternoon we visited the Grundmann´s incredible collection of rare cars. Even though I had seen it before it still blew me away, and they had even more cars than the last time.
The swapmeet was bigger/more expensive than last time so not so many deals were done there, even though I managed to pick up a pretty cool radio and some other small parts.
Saturday evening there was dinner in the townhall, we were 32 nations sitting there sharing the same passion for these old cars, that was simply breathtaking!
Sunday it was time to try to see as much as possible of the cars and the swapmeet before returning home in the afternoon.
But just before that I was invited for a photo shoot of the oval by the french Super Vw Magazine and the japanese Let´s Play VWs. It was really cool, and I´m pretty exited to see the pictures in the magazines.
Here are just some examples of the nice cars attending this great show, oh did I forget to mention that there were a new world record? 27 Hebm├╝llers in a row......

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