Tuesday, 22 December 2009

High voltage...

Some of you might remember, I gave myself a set of Foxcraft fenderskirts as a birthday present last year. Now I have done it again.....
This time I gave myself a long wanted christmas present!
A 60mm Motometer amp gauge for my Motometer rally set. I had the clock in it for years, as a matter of fact the clock and the senders were things that were missing when I found the panel, but I was lucky enough to find a clock at VW Euro in the Netherlands back in 1999. But now it was time for a change.

I´ve wanted the amp gauge for a long time, but none of these seems to be offered for sale, and the guys who has them won't sell, but finally one guy gave in and agreed on selling me one (he had 2 of them, lucky bastard)
Funny thing is back in June at the OCTO show in California, I held this very same gauge in my hand and talked to the seller, but at that point it wasn´t for sale.
I think the amp gauge looks more cool in the panel, and it´s way more rare!
And another great thing is now I have an excuse to go look for a clock....... :-)

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