Wednesday, 30 December 2009

NOS time

I have run with my Hella foglight/bumberguard combo for 4-5 years and I´m real happy with them!
Only thing, when I got them they were in poor condition, heavily pitted.
The good/bad news is that they are made of alumunium, that ment that my chrome guy said he was´nt able to recrome them, but instead I polished them, which I have several times each year since.
But just before christmas I got a email from a friend in Sweden.
Who had found a nos set of Hella guards that he didn´t need, I jumped on the deal right away! And yesterday it was time to mount them to the oval.
I must admit it didn´t hurt that they were put on, it looks even better now! And the nuts on the bolts were still 14 how cool is that?!

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