Sunday, 6 December 2009

Radio madness

Last tuesday my friend Kurt and I went across the country ( not that it´s so long a distance)
Kurt was on the hunt for a radio for his 51 split.
We had an appointment with the seller, that he should look on a nice and complete Telefunken, but as we arrived it turned out that he had another split radio.
And Kurt simply couldn´t resist the urge to buy the also complete, and more desireable Becker Monza radio instead.
Congrats on your nic buy!


Sechs Volt Garage said...

Well Peter, don't tell you us that you left without the Telefunken? Some day you will be a split man too =)

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

No I´m a oval man :-)
And the parts I hunt are expensive enough, no need to buy radios I doesn´t need.