Saturday, 24 May 2008

356 Pulley

A couple of weeks ago I had some parts for sale on, and a guy showed interest for one of the pieces. After some emails forth and back it turned out he had some parts I needed so we simply swapped parts, a nice way to get some the stuff you want without getting your wallet up :-)
The result for me arrived with post today, this porche 356 style crank pulley, I think it looks really cool and will look so nice on my Express engine, which reminds me I better start working on that Express project again soon.
The reason I don´t use a original porche pulley is that they don´t have the groove towards the crank to keep the oil in, they use a sandseal, you can also convert your vw engine to this but this is easier since the engine won't be taken apart.
Thanks for the deal Al.

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