Friday, 2 May 2008

1 Mai treffen Hannover

The Polizei was strict at Mel´s Diner, but lucky for me they didn´t notice the sign just over my car.

I spotted this rare cabin divider on the swapmeet, but it was out of my price range! :-(

Wednesday morning jens and I drove with 12 other cars to the 1.Mai treffen in hannover. I had some self made problems so didn´t catch the others until in the beginning of germany, where we unfortunately had to leave a 66 ghia behind because of a bad valve.
We hit Mel´s Diner at 5 in the afternoon, to take part of the famous cruise night, but there weren´t much cruising as the german polizei had blocked the road of!
The next day at the show, the swapmeet was bigger than ever, and the show 'n shine had lots and lots of beautiful cars!
At the Prize giving 6 danish cars was awarded, and I was lucky enough to be one of them, congratulations to all the other winners!
And in the end we had a real nice cruise the 450km home, 5 danish cars driving together, 3 of them were winners.

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Winther said...

Thanks a lot for a great trip and some nice days. Sad the Ghia did not make it, but maybe next time. And congrads to you to, with the award my friend. The cruise back home was great, without any big trouple, except the problems with Dorit ;-)