Friday, 30 May 2008

Break down

On the way home from work :-(

The head on the "new engine, how clean is that?

Once again I have to apologise for not posting, but my week started like this.
Up bright and early to get work, fired up the oval and got about 5km from home when a strange sound accured, it was hard to determine what it was, so I decided it had to be a hole in the exhaust.
When I arrived at work I definitely could hear, that this was no exhaust problem!
It was a strange knocking sound that followed the rpm´s......
So didn´t dare to drive it home. Lucky for me, Jens was able to borrow a truck and came and picked me and the oval up.
After some listening to the engine, I decided that it had to be a bad rod bearing, and with the sun shinning, there was no time to waste with tearing the engine apart!
So I took 1 of my industrial engines with less than 20 hours on it, stripped it down to a long block, and moved all the parts from the "bad" engine over to the "new" one, and already tuesday night it was mounted in the car and running.
I have now driven approximately 100km with it and it really sounds healhty and is running good!
Now I just have to assemble the other engine to find out if I am right.

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