Thursday, 8 May 2008

Suit the case

Almost all the years driving the oval I´ve had a toolbox behind the rearseat, with the most common tools, spare sparkplugs, points etc.
But last year a little problem came up, I bought a original suitcase set for the oval, unfortunately the suitcase set was bought for a 57 oval meaning that the one for the trunk wouldn´t fit as the 54 model gas tank is bigger than a 57 model, but the 3 for behind the rearseat fitted like a glove! Then came the next problem what about my toolbox? I came up with this, the big suitcase now contains to boxes with tools, one of the small ones I use for parts that I would sell at shows, and the other is for accessories that I can put on the car for display.
I really think that this a good use of the space, and I just love looking in the rearview mirror and seeing those suitcases.

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