Monday, 6 October 2008

Holbæk swapmeet

Sunday morning me and 3 other crazy vw heads, headed off to the other end of the country at 4.30am to get to what usually is one of the best swapmeets in Denmark.
But this year I would properly call it swampmeet instead.
The fall has really come to the country, meaning lot´s of rain and wind! And with the Holbæk swampmeet beeing held outdoors, it meant that not only didn´t there come many buyers (that was a good thing for us that did show up :-) ) but many of the sellers either didn´t show up, or decided to not unpack their things and instead headed back home.
This didn´t mean there wasn´t some good deals to made. Here are some of the best scores we did. 25hp fan shroud with generator, split window rear view mirror and sunvisor, nos right side Albert mirror, nos grab handle with light (you can see pictures of such a unit in a earlier post) nos 25hp voltage regulator and 5 issues of the danish magazine "Kør Godt" (it´s a danish version of the "Gute fahrt" magazine), so now I only need 13 magazines before my collection is complete.
So remember your wellingtons and rain jackets next year, I´m ready again guys.

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