Saturday, 11 October 2008

What´s your pressure?

Well after selling the Judson, and with that the boost gauge I suddently didn´t have any use for my original Motometer gauge holder.
And once again thinking this was too cool an accessory just to be lying around, and neither did I wan´t to part with it. I had to find out what kind of gauge I needed.
I really only had 2 options, either an amp gauge or an oil pressure gauge, I decided to go with the last one -afterall it´s a gauge that can turn out useful in the end.
Here is 2 pictures of how the gauge looks inside the car, and the mock up I did on a spare 30hp engine case I had in the garage. The tricky thing was to find a place for the oil pressure sender, since I also run a Fram filter on the engine -it wasn´t a stright forward job to find room for it all.

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