Monday, 2 June 2008

48 rollback

Today after work I drove by my old man on the way from work, he and his wife had invited me for dinner. While we were eating we heard that a car came up the driveway, we went out to see who it was. To both me and my fathers surprise it was a guy named Peter (what a nice name :-) ) who my father have been working with in the 60ies, when they were both mechanics at a vw dealership in my hometown. He was out driving his 1948 rollback, when he spotted my car in the driveway, and decided to drop by.
Peter have never let go of the volkswagens, he even had his own company specialized in volkswagen, I have bought parts from him in the past, but now he is retired, that doesn´t stop him from wrenching on volkswagens though. He owns a 1941 schwimmer, a 1943 kûbel and this 1948 rollback he just has finished. I must admit this is one super cool car! Only problem my car looks lowered compared to the 48, i´m not used to that :-)
Stay tuned for more stories and pictures of some of his nice cars!


Anonymous said...

Hold da k..., anede ikke han havde sådan én. Er den lige så fin i virkeligheden, som den er på billederne.


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Han har haft den i del år men den er først blevet færdig fornylig.
Taget har han selv lavet i den, og han har også hævet den.
Han skal både til Norge og Tunesien og køre i den senere på året.
Synes den er rigtig fin.

Gustav_t said...