Sunday, 8 June 2008

VW veteran club meeting

Stock 30ps 54 oval, Judson supercharged 45ps 54 oval and Okrasa equípped 43ps 56 oval meeting eachother for the first time.

This past week end me, my girlfriend and my friend Jens attended the annual meeting in the danish vw vintage club.
It was a really nice meeting with lots of nice cars and people!
And even some nice swap finds, how about 4 NOS fender bolt mounting kits, NOS gasolin measuring stick correct for split and early ovals, correct oval interior light and a Speedwell steringwheel bought on behalf of my friend Christian.
And the oval even got a 3. prize in the peoples choise contest.
To finish this top end week end of, I returned to my house to find my daily driver had been key´ed on the hole right side while being parked in the street in front of the house, properly by some low life punk!
Even though this was a downside, I really had a blast and here is some pictures to prove it.


Winther said...

Congrads with the 3. price my friend. looking forward to hear some more about the weekend in the north of Denmark.


Anonymous said...

We had hoped to see the bluehats at Mantorp this year, but seeing the pictures, you made a clever choice. Mantorp was NOT the place to be with a vintage car this year.
Congrats with the trophy.
*Sechs volt garage*

Gustav_t said...

I stayed at home too, earning insurancepoints to go for #30, maybe.. Did the number of pitbikes, watercoolers and volvo-engined kitcars finally kill dear old bug run?

Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Okay what was wrong up there? I sure did have a great week end here in denmark.

6V Outlavws said...

In short terms we can say the vintage feeling was watered out this year, mainly by tired dailydriven waterpumpers packed with drunk idiots. Same as before, but this year they had increased out of proportion. At some points it looked like vintage vw's, the Roskilde festival and the parkinglot outside IKEA were joined together. You sure should have some extra insureancepoints in the trunk driving through the gate =)No pocketbikes this year though, thats positive. Swap market was the less exiting in years, practically no split and early oval parts to see. But then, it's all about the trip and the life on the road for a weekend that makes it GOOD...and it was.