Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Saving old metal

Last year I got hold of some old original mid 50ies fenders, I have for a long time wanted a set of these, so they could get on the car some time in the future.
They weren't exactly NOS items, but they looked restorable.
A couple of weeks ago I finally started on them, first I had to scrape enough sealing wax of the underside of the front fenders to make tarmac enough for 1km highway :-) When that was done I started welding and the right side fender is now finished and the left is on it´s way.
Anybody know of a good rear right side pre 1960 fender?
Or maybe only the front part of one? I need that to have a complete set.
Here is some pictures of the left front fender, more will follow as I make some progress.

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