Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bluehat accessory

I must admit I have never been a big fan of the so called "eyebrows" for our old volkswagens, that being said, I must also admit that I last year bought a pair.
These are old and made by a company called Frese, they are made to fit on VW and DKW, and they have a much better fit and look than the thaiwan ones you buy today! But I really can´t decide if they suit the car or not, i have had them on and off the car a couple of times, and this will properly continue for some time :-)
Here in Denmark people are saying that these are only for old men sitting up in the windshild while driving in 3 gear all day, that´s why this might be the ultimate bluehat accessory.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, your right about that! But Peter.. You ARE an old man, driving in 3rd gear all day, so it's alright if you decide to put them on..


Peter Plade Nielsen said...

Hmm I better get a hold of you soon! And by the way your tranie period have just been expanded with 2 more years! :-)